Shooting for Sweet Bamboo

I have worked with Sweet Bamboo briefly before, and so when they asked if I'd like to snap their new thermos bottle for them, I was so excited! George, who is a graduate Environmental Scientist from the University of Plymouth, founded Sweet Bamboo very recently in 2020 with a vision to increase public awareness on water sustainability and reducing single use plastic. Sweet Bamboo are also a local company to me, and so it was a pleasure to be able to help them photograph their new product.

All of the bottles at the company have an expected life of 2 - 3 years if used everyday, and are fully recyclable. Their products come in plastic free packaging, recycled cardboard, brown paper and brown eco-friendly tape.

For the majority of my products shoots, I ususally shoot inside using studio lights with various different backdrops and props. However, I just felt that this product needed something different that would match and reflect its brands style. I see a thermos mug as something you would often use outdoors. A warm drink in hand to warm you up on a cold, wet day. I knew not only did I want to shoot outdoors, but that I wanted to incorporate lots of different shades of browns, and various textures into the photos.

Along with a friend who was able to help me with the photoshoot (socially distanced of course!), the only prop I brought along with me was a blanket. When shooting outdoors, you are already surrounded by so many parts of nature that can be really helpful and bring lots of different colours and textures to a photograph with little effort needed. The blanket added an extra layer to what we already had, and I knew it would add depth into the back, and foreground of my photographs. The colours complimented and bounced off each other really well which really brought the photographs together.

When shooting products, I think it's super important to use a model whenever possible. Not only does it change your shot up, but it creates a more realistic picture for the brand and the client.

Light is also key when shooting which can be slightly unpredictable and tricky when shooting outdoors. We were lucky that on this day, the sun was peeping through the trees giving the most perfect, golden glow! I like to experiment and shoot my products both in direct sunlight, and backlit. Both angles can give a completely different but gorgeous feel to a shot which can really make the photo come alive.

(Direct light)


I'm super happy with the outcome of these photographs and I am already looking forward to planning my next product shoot!

Thanks to the team at Sweet Bamboo for putting their trust in me and letting me photograph their new product. You can find them here on Instagram or head over to their website!

Speak soon!

Amie x

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